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Yoga - Vinyasa in English
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Dear yoga friends, this is a dynamic, powerful style of yoga. VINYASA can be translated as breathing, which takes a decisive role. The alternation between inhalation and exhalation is combined with the dynamic change of the individual postures - a flower experience is created. In addition, the yoga class works on strength, flexibility, balance and coordination, thus improving one's own body awareness. Vinyasa is a modern, physical yoga, but some ancient traditions and spirituality are kept to a minimum. We try to unite body, mind and spirit in yoga and breath control exercises (pranayama) are practiced to help one do this.

Please bring: something warm to put on for Shavasana.

You are welcome to bring your own mats!

Due to the current situation, the sports and gymnastics halls of the Institute of Sport and Sport Science are also affected by the energy saving measures. A lowering of the temperature to 17° is considered acceptable by the University of Freiburg and harmless to health. Please remember to wear appropriate clothing!

Please observe the Hygiene regulations and the withdrawl conditions category 1!

The daily proof obligation according to the Corona regulation Corona-Verordnung Baden-Württemberg is valid.
With the booking of the offer you confirm to provide the evidence required by the Corona Ordinance Baden-Württemberg on a daily basis. If a course participation is no longer possible due to a change of the Corona-VO, there will be NO refund of the course fee!

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This course will be taught in english!

B10.48Anf. D/HDo19:00-20:00Bewegungsraum12.01.-09.02.Magdalena Kuhn
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